Jabardast naveen in NTR movieBudding comedian ‘Jabardast’ Naveen got a noticeable role in NTR’s ‘Naannaku Prematho’. That has been a big film for him till date playing a role alongside a star hero. The budding comedian says, he used to feel very nervous when NTR was around on the sets.

But the Nandamuri hero used to ask him to be normal. In spite of NTR’s assurance, Naveen used to become very alert. The comedian became famous for his lady get-ups performing for ‘Jabardast’ comedy show skits. He did lady get-ups in films too.

But now the comedian became choosy and declining to do lady get-ups as they are becoming too regular for him and this would definitely bore the audiences if they see him playing the same character again and again. Now that he is getting recognized with big movies even, the comedian is hoping to take up variety in comedy roles.