ram charan chiranjeevi poster bruce leeOn paper Bruce Lee looked like a dream combo for actor Ram Charan to bounce back big time at the box office and show everyone why he is still the top contender for the numero uno spot. But the advance booking of the film has taken everyone by surprise and it’s not in a positive way.

First of all despite opening good two to three days before, it has taken a long time for the film Bruce Lee to reach to the current good status. It is certainly good advance among the Ram Charan films but many biggies in the last few years have had far superior pre booking. Why that long, just last week Rudhramadevi had a fabulous booking that took everyone by surprise.

The trade, fans and general moviegoers think the impact of last two movies of the director and actor had a lot to do with the current scenario, despite the combination being very good. The film will still get strong opening and has the potential to be a solid box office performer but now it will be the case ‘post’ the release of the film where the talk will come into play.

The good news here is that the talk of the film will come into play by midnight itself as Bruce Lee is going to have huge number of shows starting from midnight itself. But remember the ‘star power’ is gauged before the actual talk comes into play and Charan and fans would do well to remember the initial tardiness.