Brothers Movie Review

Brothers Movie Review

Even with some minor glitches, Suriya’s latest offering Brothers is a decent watch. Watch it with less expectations and pass your time.

175 Minutes


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What is ‘Brothers’ about?
Brothers is the dubbed version of Suriya’s Maatran. The movie is all about two conjoined twins Akhil and Vimal. Their father is a famous Genetic scientist who invents a energy drink ‘Energion’ and become the best in the business. Later, they find certain wrong doings of their father in the business and rest of the story is how they confront it.

What is so special about a dubbing movie?
The movie is being released in highest number of theaters in AP. Almost on par with any straight movie in Telugu. Thanks to Suriya’s craze who had become an household name in Telugu due to his Ghajini

How is KV Anand’s direction?
KV Anand earlier directed a blockbuster movie Rangam (Ko in Tamil). He managed to come out with a different subject but faltered a bit in screen play and narration.

How about Star cast?
Suriya is outstanding in the role of conjoined twins. He carried the movie solely on his shoulders and managed to show variations in both the characters. Kajal looked pretty and had done a decent job. Sachin Khedekar’s role is quite important and he did his best.

How is the Music?
Harris Jayraj’s music is main attraction. All the songs are good to listen even they are from a dubbing movie. His background score and tunes are good to listen.

How about the rest of the departments?
Sounda Rajan’s cinematography is good. Peter Hein choreographed action is also main attraction. The interval fight is too good but is a bit lengthy. Anthony’s editing and Rajeevan’s art direction are also good.

What are the highlights?
Performance by Suriya, Beautiful locales, Good music, Good subject.

Any Drawbacks?
3 hours long run time, Dragged second half, Half baked climax.

What about its box office prospects?
Brothers have almost Zero competition at the AP box office. Last week did not see any good releases and there is one week gap before the next movie releases. So, Brothers can make a merry this week with some good promotion.

Did I enjoy it?
Not Totally.