Chandra Babu Naidu’s nephew and upcoming Tollywood star, Nara Rohit has showed his interest in campaigning for his uncle’s political party, TDP. He has said that it is his responsibility to campaign for the party. All his family is in politics and it is a duty of every family member to campaign for the party and bring back Chandra Babu Naidu into power because that is the only way to develop Seemandhra region, he explained.

Speaking about his movie, Prathinidi, he has said that the movie also has a political background. The movie is mainly based on the problems faced by a common man, problems that are generally ignored in this pacey life. The movie has been taken in the perspective of a common man and aims at the realization a common man will get, about politics, after watching this movie.

Although he was not active in politics till date, Nara Rohit seems to have a good experience regarding the political strategies. This will be the first time he will be doing political campaigning.