Boycott Gang Doesn’t Have Any Influence?Bollywood boycott gang has been on cloud nine for the past few months. They call to boycott every other Bollywood biggie for some reason or the other. And when the film fails at the box office, they claim credit for it. Laal Singh Chaddha and Liger are examples for the same.

The boycott gang did the same with Bramhastra which released yesterday. The boycott gang called for a boycott, saying this film is a product of nepotism as Ranbir and Alia are star kids.

But the end result is that Bramhastra has opened to record numbers at the box office. The film has collected in the range of Rs 35-36 crores which is a record for a non-holiday release. It is on course to have a Rs 100 crores weekend, which is going to be huge.

The mixed talk and boycott gang’s customary calls are showing no effect on Bramhastra’s box office performance. This might go on to reinstate that the boycott gang has no influence on a film’s box office prospects.

In the case of Laal Singh Chaddha, Liger, and others, these films couldn’t attract the audience and had lackluster content. Hence the disastrous box office performance. The boycott group might’ve had little or nothing to do with it but they claimed the credit for the same.

If they really are influential, they could’ve stopped Bramhastra but the film is off to a sensationally good start and that speaks for itself.