brahmanandam in joruThe credit for extracting the best out of Brahmanandam goes to late Jandyala Sir. He is one writer tuned film maker who introduced such unmatched talent to the industry. Many comedians need lot of dialogues to bring out comic effect to their scenes. But Brahmi is one comedian, whose facial expressions are enough for the audiences to burst into uncontrollable laughter. That’s the status Brahmi earned for him in TFI.

But Kona Venkat’s scripts took Brahmi’s characters to different level. To name a few; in films like ‘Dhee’, ‘Dookudu’, ‘Denikaina Ready’, ‘ Badshah’, ‘King’, and ‘Adhurs’…Brahmi’s roles are exclusively shaped up in such a way that there were repeated audiences for the above said movies for Brahmanandam more than the main leads. All this is Kona Venkat’s special enchantment for Brahmi, helping Brahmi to emerge as ‘2nd Half Brahmanandam’.

In one of Brahmi’s upcoming release ‘Brother of Bommaali’, Brahmi’s character is named Kona Venkat. It is learnt that the Censor Board raised objection and asked for a No Objection Certificate from the writer and it’s very easy to guess that the writer happily gave away NOC. In a recent interview, Hero Allari naresh revealed that it was Brahmanandam who proposed to have Kona Venkat’s name for his character. This way he expressed his gratitude for the writer.