Brahmanandham Great Telugu Laughter Challenge -Brahmanandham Great Telugu Laughter Challenge -Brahmanandam has got another cliched role that was poorly written in this Friday release, Nara Rohit and Jagapathi Babu’s ‘Aatagallu’. It proved that it was one of his bad choices with a poorly written comedy track that was irritating for the audiences. It was a lengthy role, though.

Once, the name is enough to bring the smiles to the faces but now it’s a different story. Of late, he has rarely been acting in films. But, whatever he did had tanked big time at the box-office and those have been affecting the best memories of his past films audiences have enjoyed.

Now, the ace comedian will be going back to the television to act as a judge for a comedy show, The Great Telugu Laughter Challenge. Before films happened, Brahmanandam was a popular name on Doordarshan for the comedy show ‘Aanando Brahma’. Once again, he is going back to television. Let’s see how Brahmanandam conducts his second innings on television.