Brahmanandam feeling boredBrahmanandam is no doubt the King Comedian of Telugu Film Industry who is seen in almost every film these days. Though many are complaining that his comedy is becoming boring and routine, the ace comedian has more than ten films which are going to release in the coming days. If he is getting offers in such an overwhelming way, who is to be blamed for the routine content he is doing?

Brahmanandam says that he is his director’s actor and does what he says. That means all the blame goes to writers and directors who are repeating the same content and similar characterization as far as Brahmanadam’s role goes in films. But he can’t say anything because they are the same directors and writers who gave him stardom with the characters they have created for him.

Bore or routine, Brahmanadam is happy that he is a household name not only in Telugu States but also people from outside. He is the highest paid comedian and knows economics policy ‘demand and supply’. He accepts that new talent is coming and he might not chances as he is having now. But he isn’t having any retirement plans in the near future.