Boyfriend_For_Hire_MovieWith the changing times, changing tastes of the audience, makers are struggling to find unique plots meant for entertaining audience. If the title is catchy, it makes more appealing. If the story contains an ‘out of the box idea’, it makes more interesting.

The upcoming movie ‘Boyfriend for Hire’ falls under this category as the title itself is crazy and the concept of hiring a boyfriend is definitely an ‘out of the box idea’. To present such content to the audience, it requires unique style of narration. It’s ok if the star cast is not big, it requires performances, it requires catchy music and it requires reasonably good production values. The trailer released today shows that the movie has all in it..

The ‘curious’ story of a boyfriend is well narrated in the trailer. Viswanth is seen as the boyfriend for hire while Malavika Sathisan is seen alerting girls who want to hire. Overall, the trailer doubles the curiosity to watch the movie.

Boyfriend for Hire movie is directed by Santosh Kambhampati. Music handled by Gopi Sundar and the movie produced by Primeshow Entertainment and Swastika Cinema.