Pushpa Movie KarnatakaAhead of the release of Allu Arjun‘s Pushpa tomorrow, Kannada folks seem to be upset with the movie and are trending the hashtag #BoycottPushpaInKarnataka. They are complaining that it is an insult to the state and the people giving more shows to the Telugu version when the Kannada version exists.

They complain that more than 95% of screens are blocked for the Telugu version with the Kannada version relegated only to some faraway screens. While the sentiments of the local people are to be respected, it does not look totally fair to target the film.

For an instance, the shows that are planned for the Kannada version are completely Green which means ‘available’ while the Telugu version is mostly sold out or fast-filling. The trade says demand dictates the market and the demand for the Telugu version is unprecedented and that is not the case with the Kannada version.

It is not fair to target Pushpa as the issue has been prevalent in Karnataka for a very long time. Despite the less demand, the makers of Pushpa have put in efforts to dub their film in Kannada. But when it comes to the release, it is totally demand-driven and depends on the decision of the distributors and exhibitors, not fair to target the film.