Boyapati Srinu's High-Dose for Ram CharanRam Charan’s body building and special training with the personal trainer of Salman Khan has been a big revelation that there would be high-octane action sequences that mark Boyapati’s special brand for mass entertainment in commercial movies.

True to our expectations, the director has reportedly spent Rs. 5 crores for a high-dose action sequence. This sequence involves sixty artists and around 500 body builders being shot in the outskirts of Hyderabad. This tells us the importance of this action sequence in the movie. Charan will be seen in an out-and-out mass role.

This movie will probably come for next Sankranthi in 2019 and hopefully take Charan‘s mass image to the next level. There will be several action episodes in the movie besides this highly expensive sequence. It would be a treat for fans and a refreshing change to see Ram Charan in a mass role.