Boyapati Srinu misses logicNo doubt Boyapati is adept at handling mass subjects in such a way that the hero character lives upto the larger than life image in a big way. But does that logic-less strategy suit when it comes to young heroes like Allu Arjun who have turned stars doing different films?

When we see this Friday’s release ‘Sarainodu’, Boyapati misses logic big time. Especially the character of Catherine Tresa playing an MLA looks unbelievable as she looks too young to play an MLA. If this isn’t enough, Allu Arjun declares her as the next CM of the state in climax.

Even Rakul’s character misses logic when she comes running to Allu Arjun for help, when she could have gone to any police station near by. How could the villain, who is the son of a CM couldn’t catch her when she is running for 3 days?

What logic is there when Allu Arjun switches from Catherine to Rakul, when he tried entire first half of the film to woo Catherine to love him? Besides many cinematic liberties, Boyapati failed to understand that missing too much logic is going to make some scenes pointless and that doesn’t help the movie.