Box-Office-Akhil-AkkineniAkhil Akkineni ideally wanted Agent, the biggest project in his career, to also be the biggest box office blockbuster in his career. But sadly for him, the film is heading towards attaining the biggest disaster in his career mark.

Agent reportedly opened with Rs 7 crores gross worldwide. This is an utterly poor number for a project which is made on a huge budget.

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What’s more staggering here is that Agent failed to beat even the opening day tally of his debut film Akhil: The Power of Jua which released some 8 years ago.

Akhil: The Power of Jua collected in upwards of Rs 12 crores gross on its opening day and now, Agent managed to gross just about half of that. While most heroes tend to increase their openings with their successive films, Akhil has tasted a bitter result with Agent now.

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The poor reviews right from the USA premieres and the scrappy content have worked against the cause for Agent.

The trajectory is further downwards over the weekend which could mean that Agent might end up as one of the biggest disasters in the mid-range segment, given the heavy costs involved.

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