Uday Kiran, who is used to narrate pleasing saga of romance and love now has a love tale of his own to tell. Tollywood’s proclaimed lover boy has indeed fallen for a girl named Visheeta and is planning to get married to her, all in a distinctly filmy style.

Kiran himself seems surprised by the whole situation saying, “I have done only love stories in my career, but I never expected one such story to play out in my life!”

About how he met Visheeta and fell for her, Kiran said feelingly, “I met Visheeta through common friends at a party. After that, we started chatting online and got to know each other better. The best part about the whole thing is we never intended to date each other. We have been friends for years, but only a few months ago, in a moment, we realised we are perfect for each other. That’s when we figured, we’ve always been in love.”