Director Gopichand - Ravi Teja - KrackIn a manner, ‘Krack‘ was like a ‘do or die’ movie for both Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja and director Gopichand Malineni. They were at the rock bottom of their careers with no hit movies in the recent past. So, the duo had to deliver and they did, magnificently.

‘Krack’ is getting good response from the public and the mass entertainers starved audiences seem to be having a festival feast ahead of Sankranthi. Mass lovers are feeling on top of the world for the overall commercial elements in the movie.

Ravi Teja’s performance for one was the main USP of the film and it reminded the audiences of his performance in Rajamouli’s ‘Vikramarkudu’ or even better. That’s something really a good thing about a festival release because mass moments do need a hero who can carry those mass moments with elan.

The director also took the right path while delivering the movie with quick-paced narration though the plot was wafer-thin. It’s one of the stunning comebacks and Ravi Teja just wrote off all those people’s verdict who wrote him off due to the recent flops. ‘Krack’ was his answer and also a breather for director Gopichand Malineni.