bomb threat to simbuAfter the wrath of the women’s organizations for the ‘beep song’, now a fresh headache has surfaced for Shimbu’s family in the form of a bomb threat. An unidentified person made a call that a bomb was planted in Shimbu’s father, T.Rajender’s bungalow.

The police reacted immediately and after a thorough search, they understood that it was a hoax call. Somebody has impersonated as a male and made a false call to trouble Shimbu’s family. While this is how the family is facing nuisance from haters, Shimbu got permission from High Court that he can appear before Coimbatore Court.

Since all the offenses levied under him come under bailable offenses, Shimbu can appear before Coimbatore Court on January 11th and get bail. This will be a great relief for the actor. However, the threat from the people who are angry with him isn’t going to subside so soon.