Rajinikanth Unleashes A Scathing Attack On The GovernmentWhenever there is a bomb threat from an unknown caller, police can’t take it lightly as it involves many lives. Someone made a bomb threat phone call to Chennai police misinforming them that a bomb was planted at Superstar Rajinikanth’s residence.

One can imagine the immediate action taken. The Chennai police went for a search operation with bomb detectors and sniffer dogs. Finally, much to their relief, it turned out to be a fake bomb threat call.

Meanwhile, ignoring the norms to be remembered due to coronavirus threat, the crowd of superstar’s fans created ruckus forgetting that they must follow social distancing.

Now, the police are investigating the matter and trying to find the person involved in this bomb hoax. Nonetheless, it must be a great respite that there was no real bomb at Rajinikanth’s residence, Poes gardens.