Funny: Media Asking Vikram When He Becomes GrandfatherBomb threat calls can never be taken lightly as any negligence might mean losing precious lives. Chennai Police received a bomb threat call that a bomb was placed in Chiyaan Vikram‘s residence in Chennai. It was an anonymous call that got the police investigating.

But, it was later found out that it was a fake bomb threat and somebody played mischief misguiding the police that a bomb was placed in Vikram’s house. The police are now trying to trace back the call to the anonymous person who made it.

Though this isn’t the first time Chennai Police got hoax phone call bomb threats, they definitely have to look into the matter rather seriously. The police searched around the house thoroughly and the declared the threat as a hoax.

The origin of the fake call was said to be from Marakkanam of Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu on Monday morning. Let’s be rest assured that it was a fake call but fake calls do ring dangerous bells.