Bollywood to Receive Glamour Shock - TaapseeSince Taapsee migrated to Bollywood and started getting sensible roles, she started complaining about her roles in South movies, especially, Telugu movies and for the glamour roles, she was offered. Now, she understands that the first impression is the best impression.

She started off with a very glamorous role in Telugu with ‘Jummandi Nadam’ and carried that glamorous image along. But in Bollywood, the actress only got roles that didn’t display much glamour. For the first time, she has got a full-pledged glamorous role in ‘Judwa 2’.

In a recent promotional interview for ‘Anando Brahma’, Taapsee talked about the glamorous role and she is certain that Bollywood is going to receive a shock after watching her in such a role, for the first time. Well, a different role for her in Bollywood only means variety for the audiences who had seen her performing in intense roles like in ‘Pink’ which received big critical acclaim.