The India today knows Bollywood as a blooming film industry still developing in many aspects but very few know that Jaswant Sidhu was the ‘pioneer of Indian cinema’. It has passed almost a century since the birth of the Hindi film industry and slowly the industry has moved to different places like Birmingham for a shooting and launching spot.

According to Amarjit Sidhu, son of Jaswant Sidhu, the requirement of western cities shows that there is a lot about Indian cinema that needs to evolve and adapt. As the pioneer of Indian film industry, his late father brought the first Bollywood films to Britain in the 50’s. Amarjit told media that the lack of entertainment made his father and some friends bring Indian films to Britain and the Eastern Film Society was set up. Its main principle was to not only screen films but to use the money raised to help Indian immigrants learn English. Now Birmingham is a very important part of the Indian Cinema.