Director Teja Article 370The director’s last outing in Telugu ‘Sita’ was a complete disaster and the output of the movie showed us clearly that the man completely lost his command over the direction department. So, what is Teja up to next?

Looks like Teja is presently busy scripting a story based on the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. We hear that some Bollywood producers are buying into his story and have been in talks with the director for making a film in Hindi.

Nothing is finalized yet and Teja’s story is still in the scripting stage. If everything goes as per the present planning, Teja might be directing a Hindi movie soon. However, going by his films in the recent past, somehow Teja lost the magic completely.

Will he able to come up with a story that can appease the Bollywood audiences and execute to cater to the tastes of the pan-Indian audiences? The subject is anyway, pan-Indian. It’s up to Teja how he impresses with his craft.