Baadshah staring at flop in years!When was the last time Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan had a flop film? One has to go back in time to nearly a decade to find one. Such is his track record. But from the way things are going at ticket counter, it looks like the record is under a spot of bother.

Dilwale, the new release of Shah Rukh Khan, after a very good opening has seen drops on the second day. The trend seems to be obvious as people haven’t taken a liking to the Rohit Shetty directed action cum love drama. The question is will the rejection lead the film to flop status as it comes with a huge landing cost.

The combination of Rohit Shetty with SRK, the duo which previously delivered massively successful and entertaining Chennai Express, along with presence of Kajol had raised huge expectation on the film. It was supposed to smash all existing records but is now struggling to get a successful tag.