Bolly and Tolly: Industry Hits connections!

There seem to be an interesting connection between the industry hits of Bollywood and Tollywood. 3 Idiots and Magadheera became industry hits for their respective industries in the same year, 2009. Both of them bet their previous industry hits by a huge margin and set a new record. And both the movies stayed in the position for more than 4 years and are beaten in the same year, 2013 (3 Idiots by Chennai Express, Magadheera by Attarintiki Daredi).

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Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan and Pawan Kalyan, the current industry hit holders are deemed as the most popular crowd pullers in both the industries and both of them suffered a significant lean patch before their industry hits. Lets see for how many days/months/years this new industry hits last!