AP-Capital-amaravathi-Master-planThe much awaited Master Plan of Andhra Pradesh’s upcoming Capital, Amaravathi is tabled by the Singapore Experts team this morning. The Plan of the Seed Capital will be given by July 15th and the capital construction will begin from Dussehra. Here is the some of the unique features planned in Amaravathi.

1. The capital will be spread in 270 sq. kms and is planned according to Vaastu.

2. The entire capital will be constructed in seven sectors. Each will be taken up in phases of priority.

3. The Capital will be surronded by Industrial Corridor.

4. The Capital will be a well connected city with World Class highways. 155 Kms of affiliated roads, 332 Sub Artillery roads are planned. These will be connected to have 324 Kms of Road network.

5. 27 Kms of Green network.

6. Brahmasthan Park in the Seed Capital

7. 127 Kms of World Class Express and Semi-Expressways

8. Motor Free Zones to prevent pollution

9. Cricket Stadium at the Krishna River Front.

10. Green Capital which gives importance to walkways, cycling paths & public transport

11. Master Plan is designed keeping in mind to cater the needs of 1.3 Crore population.

12. The Capital City will provide over 5 million jobs by 2050

AP Capital amaravati Master Plan