Blockbuster Movie Earns Twenty Crore Loss To MakersThe movie Bigil featuring star hero Vijay was promoted heavily as a blockbuster post the release. However, the makers of the film have now revealed that it incurred them a loss of around twenty crores.

Bigil is produced by AGS Entertainment banner. It is the highest-grossing movie of the year 2019 (worldwide) for a Tamil movie. And yet, the Vijay starrer has managed to get loses to the makers.

The reason for the loss is the over-budgeting of the film. The director Atlee, known for lavish making, splurged money like water to give the movie, a larger than life appeal. It was a regular commercial flick story-wise with a sports backdrop, but some of the sequences were shot on a scale way beyond the usual necessity.

A football sequence reportedly cost the makers a bomb and inflated the budget significantly. There were a couple of other such expensive blocks. On top of that, there is the remuneration of the massive star cast and technicians.

The thing to note here is that in the past Superstar Rajinikanth movies too faced similar issues. But with the increasing potential and market of the industry as a whole, these reports about loses were brushed aside. Maybe it is the beginning of the same happenings with Vijay, as well? It signifies the growth of Vijay as a star. Or is this a result of the IT raids that happened on the producer’s office a few months back?