Blockbuster film influenced crime

A film’s ability to influence the human mind has always been a topic of interest. However, to what extent does a movie affect a person? This question can be answered by a simple incident where two men accused in a murder have admitted that they were influenced by the movie ‘Drishyam’ and used it as their modus operandi in disposing off the body. Ever since the release of ‘Drishyam’, featuring actor Mohanlal, DGP Senkumar had expressed his concern at the film’s themes and it might somehow provide ideas on how to hide a crime and with the recent Nilamboor murder case his fears have been proven to be true when criminals confessed the film’s influence on them.

This influencing is not just limited to adults and another recent incident stated that school goers were inspired by another Malayalam movie like ‘Honeybee and Idukki Gold’ and were found using psychedelic drugs. Looks like films are being taken a little too seriously among the masses.