There is a special class in audience, who love sensible films told in a very subtle but entertaining way. They can never forget the legendary Indian film maker K.Vishwanath who showed that art can be reached to masses if dealt in a more sensible way. One ‘Shankharabharanam’ is enough to speak on his unique way story telling. Infact he is one of those rare personalities who has erased boundaries between offbeat films and mainstream films.

When such a revered personality showered praises on a film maker who is new to the industry, then it is nothing short of a blessing. A special screening of Jagapati-Kalyani starrer ‘O Manishi Katha’ was held for ace film maker K.Vishwanath and the revered personality opined that if director Radha Swamy had made films during his era, he would have been his competitor for sure. Such a compliment for director Radha Swamy is a life time appreciation to cherish. If Vishwanath garu has certified the film being in par with his movie making style, the eagerness of class audience will truly double, won’t it?