temper storyWhenever a big movie is ready to go for a theatrical release, it is natural to see many stories being written and conceived. The same thing is happening in case of NTR’s ‘Temper’. The latest talk is about the shocking rape scenes of the movie. It is rumoured (?) that a rape scene is the backbone of ‘Temper’ movie but which left the Censor Board members astounded for the crude way it was picturised.

So as per the buzz, these shocking rape scenes and a couple of other disturbing scenes picturised on Kajal Agarwal and the item girl. Hence the Censor Board has asked for blurring such scenes and especially the rape scene is going to be shown in shades of black & white.

Though this black & white effect is being publicised as a set back for ‘Temper’, it is actually an advanced form of narration using B & W hues to give a variety effect for a movie shot in colour. If the rumours on the rape scene of ‘Temper’ are to be believed, then this Black & white is going to add colour for the art of film making.