Its high time Narendra Modi realizes the ground realityIn the age of coalitions, Narendra Modi had led the BJP to an absolute majority at the center less than two years ago. But things have turned significantly since then BJP was routed out of the National Capital and now from Bihar. In both the occasions, BJP faced with major embarrassment as the defeat majorities are humongous.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have almost started feeling omnipotent after the Lok Sabha elections. Seniors who made the party what it now were totally sidelined and they have started looking down on the allies like Siva Sena and Telugu Desam. It went to an extent troubling the allies in states like AP even though they are also in the government. The party has grown so arrogant that they can come to power in states like AP where they are no bigger than Zero. 2014 result is a historic judgement and 2019 is not going to be the same. Modi should start giving due respect to allies who are going to be crucial in the next elections.

Modi government is also not clear in its priorities. Focus is totally on infrastructure and improving foreign policy. Modi did not even tour the number of states as he toured the number of countries. Important segments of population like farmers and agriculture have not seen any change of the so called Achche Din. Its high time Modi retrospects what is going wrong.

Chiranjeevi nehru