Bitcoin Tension For Two Tollywood StarsThe cryptocurrency market has been experiencing huge fluctuations over the past few days. The latest bitcoin value has fallen below $ 30,000. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 64,000 in April. Elon Musk’s concern over rising power consumption for crypto mining has had a negative impact on bitcoin.

In addition to this, the Chinese government is also stepping up its efforts on cryptocurrency mining, which is depreciating Bitcoin further. All the profits of the investors in recent times have been wiped out at once. Reports are that at least two star heroes of Tollywood have invested big in Bitcoin and lost heavily in recent times.

One of the heroes is said to have invested his commercial advertisements income in the cryptocurrency market for the last couple of years. Another hero is one who started his career struggling but has become a considerable star in the last couple of decades.

The hero has suffered several flops in the last few years but is still very particular about his remuneration. He has invested at least the remuneration of four films and is anxiously waiting for exiting the market.