Bimbisara-Box-Office-Collections-Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is going on a merry run at the box office. After a bright start, the film held well over the weekend and it has reportedly reached the breakeven mark already.

Bimbisara is the first film in 2022 to hit the breakeven mark right in the first weekend. No other Telugu film could achieve this feat.

The periodic action epic was sold for very nominal prices regardless of the relatively high production costs. Kalyan Ram and the producer sold the film for optimal prices and as a result, every buyer who is associated with the project will be seeing decent profits.

Bimbisara has clearly ticked the theater-worthy tag and the positive word of mouth helped it have an excellent first weekend. If the film does well in its second weekend, it could well handsomely reward all the buyers.

Bimbisara is Tollywood’s first hit in the last 9 weeks and this should come as a big relief to the entire industry.