Eeswarude-Bimbisara-Nandamuri-Kalyan-RamNandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is announced for release on the 5th of August and the promotional campaign is underway now.

A new song from the film’s audio album, titled Eeswarude is out now.

Eswarude depicts the characterisation of the protagonist, played by Kalyan Ram. It covers his dramatic journey through life.

The visuals in the lyrical video look aesthetic. Kalyan Ram suits the demonic king avatar well. He carries the right vibe.

While Chitanthan Bhatt’s composition is slow-paced, it has a certain degree of impetus to engage the viewers. Kaala Bhairava’s vocals are in sync with the theme and the composition of the song.

Bimbisara is a period action drama featuring Kalyan Ram in the role of demonic king, Bimbisara. The film is directed by debutant Vassishta.