Billa 3 release misfires on Aata Arrambam

There are two very common trends that are associated with dubbed films from Tamil. One is post the success of a dubbed film, other films of the actor starring in successful dubbed film gets dubbed. Case in point being, films of Suriya and Vikram, in the past. Many of these actor’s old films were dubbed as soon as they tasted success in Telugu. The second kind of dubbed films are to build anticipation towards a forthcoming dubbed biggie. Here one can look at certain Vijay films for example which were dubbed right before the release of his films Thuppakki and Anna so that people get familiar with him and create anticipation on the film.

Something similar was done with the upcoming Ajith release in Telugu Aata Arrambam dubbed version of Tamil hit Arrambam. The actor’s earlier film Billa was dubbed into Telugu as Billa 3 and released past Friday to give the audience a taste of the actor and the combination of the actor with the director to create expectations on Aata Arrambam. However looking at the abysmal response of Billa 3 few willing distributors have backed out to distribute Aata Arrambam. Even the one’s willing to distribute are not ready to pay the earlier expected amount looking at Billa 3 fate. This is something that happens generally but it is for the first time that distributors have put their hands up in the last moment based on other dubbed film’s performance.