Mukunda is one upcoming Telugu film which has been taking it easy right from its beginning. The movie was started earlier in the year for a winter release but some unexpected change of plans in films that come around it, meant that the film was pushed to a later date. It was then widely speculated that this Varun Tej debut venture would arrive for Diwali but now even that is not a possibility.

Reason is simple, a biggie like I has declared its arrival for the festival. There will be few other straight as well as dubbed films releasing before and after it which means it would be difficult to get large number of screens for the film that the makers are looking for. With no other choice left they have now decided to shift the film to mid November when all the holidays will be over. It is practically a dead season as far as the trade is concerned. We have to see how Mukunda copes up with this situation. The teaser has done the trick though and many are waiting for it which looks like its only positive so far along with director.