Biggest Fear of Prabhas's MultilingualPrabhas’ upcoming ‘Saaho’ is in the making phase and his next movie right after that with ‘Jil’ fame Radhakrishna was launched officially on Friday. This is a known news to us. However, what caught our attention is that the two movies are going to be released in different languages, that means they are multi-lingual.

Here is the biggest fear after ‘Baahubali‘ gigantic success. Prabhas’ fan base has grown tremendously and he is enjoying the fandom in different languages across the country. To bank on this, the makers of his films are making their films as multi-lingual to utilize the recognition he has got. ‘Saaho’ is targeted for four languages and Radhakrishna’s movie for three languages.

Targetting more than one language comes with a big risk and that is, missing the Telugu nativity like it happened for Mahesh Babu’s ‘Spyder’ where Murugadoss’ directorial was replete with Tamil flavour. Telugu audiences happen to be the important and the bulkiest section of audiences for a Prabhas’ movie though he enjoys craze in other languages, as well. Missing the Telugu nativity may cost him dearly. Let’s hope Prabhas’ movies will not suffer because of this important issue.