Director  Hanu Raghavapudi Capitalizing on a blockbuster success is very important for any hero or director. Talented filmmaker Hanu Raghavapudi will have to master the same as soon as possible.

Hanu was always regarded as a skilled technician. But he didn’t have a big commercially successful to show for it. He finally hit it out of the ball park with Sita Ramam which turned out to be a blockbuster success.

Now that Sita Ramam has emerged as a smashing success, the onus is now on Hanu to act accordingly and materialize a big project with a star hero.

If Hanu fails to set up a big project with an elite league hero, he will have to continue in the second league of Tollywood directors. There is also a chance that an impression will go out that he can’t convince a star hero for a film despite delivering a blockbuster like Sita Ramam.

Then there’s also a chance that people could say Sita Ramam was a one-time wonder and the credit might go the makers, who had already delivered blockbuster Mahanati. If Hanu is to avoid this scenario, he needs to set up a big project.

But what needs to be considered here is that every star hero is already busy with multiple projects in the pipeline. So setting up a big level project is going to be a big challenge for Hanu. He will have to be on the top of his game.