Bigg Boss:S5: E65: Complicated nominations of the seasonThe fifth season of the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show entered the tenth week. There are only ten members in the house now and all of them are extremely strong. The nominations of the tenth week is all about the strategies made by the inmates.

*Started with Anee & Ended with Anee*
Captain Anee started the nominations procedure and she only ended it. One person is common in the beginning and ending nominations. It is none other than Kajal.

Initially, Anee was asked to send four inmates to jail in the first level of nominations. Anee picked Sunny, Maanas, Kajal and Shanmukh.

*Flipper Anee*
We have shown multiple examples of how Anee easily flips her statements. On Monday, in the first level of nominations, she announced that she does not want to nominate Shanmukh but in the end, she nominated Shanmukh.

*Levels & Strategies*
As the nominations procedure entered a new level, the inmates struggled to cook strategies to save themselves from getting nominated.

From the second level, Bigg Boss will send handcuffs to the house. One inmate will have to pick it and save an inmate from the prison. The person who comes out will nominate two other inmates. Finally, the one who picked handcuffs will save one and send one into the nominations.

Level 2: Pinky saved Maanas. Maanas picked Ravi and Jessie. Pinky finally saved Ravi.
Level 3: Siri saved Jessie. Jessie picked Maanas and Pinky. Siri saved finally Pinky.
Level 4: Jessie saved Shanmukh. Shanmukh picked Pinky and Siri. Jessie finally saved Siri.
Level 5: Ravi saved Pinky. Pinky picked Shanmukh and Jessie. Ravi finally saved Jessie.
Level 6: Sreeram saved Kajal. Kajal picked Ravi and Siri. Sreeram saved Ravi.

*Kajal’s strategy failed*
In level 6, Sreeram made a pact with Kajal that Kajal should save Siri in the next level. Kajal immediately accepted the deal. However, she forgot that both her friends Maanas and Sunny are in the nominations. Later, Maanas and Sunny tried to change Kajal’s mind but she was lost in between saving friends and standing on her word.

Level 7: Kajal saved Shanmukh. Shanmukh picked Ravi and Sreeram. Kajal finally saved Sreeram.

By the end, Maanas, Sunny, Siri, and Ravi are in the nominations. Bigg Boss announced the same as well. But, Bigg Boss asked captain Anee to nominate one person directly.

*Anee’s finishing touch*
Anee said that Kajal never supported her in the house and nominated her directly. She wanted Kajal and her friends to be in the nominations. Intentionally, she sent the three to the nominations in the first level itself.

*Complicated Nominations of the season*
All the five inmates in nominations are strong. It is going to be tough during the weekend. Weak contestants like Priyanka and Jessie are in the safe zone.

*Final Nominations*
Kajal, Maanas, Sunny, Siri and Ravi

Jessie will be sent to a secret room!