Bigg Boss Season 5 Telugu1Bigg Boss Telugu TV show is in its 13th week. The show went on air, with 19 members. Now, there are only 7 members in the house. The seven members are playing the game by confining themselves to a group. Those who follow the show clearly understand who is playing as a group.

Maanas Nagulapalli, Sunny, and Kajal are playing as a group.
Siri Hanmanth and Shanmukh Jaswanth are playing as a group.

Sreerama Chandra used to be in a group that also had Anee, Ravi, Vishwa, and Lobo. Week by week, one by one was eliminated leaving Sreeram alone in the house. Sreeram does not have a strong bonding with any of the other 6 inmates.

On the other hand, Priyanka Singh is not a part of any group completely but she is inclined to the group that has Maanas in active participation.

Now, who will be in the grand finale becomes a big question. Except for Priyanka Singh, the other 6 inmates are strong. But, only 5 members will get a chance to be in the grand finale.

*Priyanka Singh – NO chance*
Going by the trends and the opinions of the audience on social media, it is clear that Priyanka Singh will be eliminated this weekend. Unless there is any change in the strategy from the end of Bigg Boss’ organizers, Pinky’s elimination is almost confirmed.

*2 Women Strategy*
There is a talk that the Bigg Boss organizers want to include two female contestants in the grand finale. There are currently three female inmates (Siri, Priyanka, and Kajal) in the house. Among the three, Pinky is definitely weak. So, if she is eliminated, most likely, the other two will be in the grand finale.

*Shanmukh – Berth almost confirmed*
Shanmukh Jaswanth is one of the strong contestants this season and he commands a big fan base outside the house. People want him to be in the grand finale, without a doubt. So, Shanmukh will surely be in the grand finale.

*Maanas, Sunny, Sreeram – Tough Call*
Among Maanas, Sunny and Sreeram, it is not easy to pick two inmates for the grand finale. The three inmates are unique and all three enjoy a good fan base. If Maanas and Sunny are in the finale, Sreeram will be left out but the social media is buzzing with positivity for Sreeram. We predict that one among Maanas and Sunny will be in the finals and it could most likely be Sunny.

*Final Strategy*
There could be last-minute changes too! If things did not work as expected, there will be only one female contestant in the final and it will either be Siri or Kajal. Sreeram, Maanas, Shanmukh, and Sunny will be lucky in that case.

*Siri or Kajal*
It is a different case again. Both are equally strong but most likely, Siri might have an edge.

With this week’s elimination, we will get clarity on who will be the top five contestants of the fifth season of the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show.