Bigg Boss Telugu Season As Bigg Boss Season 6 reaches its last leg of the show, there are only seven contestants left in the show. These are the ones who actually have gained a good image and are following through the show and the tough battle is already on.

Faima was evicted from the show already. She got infamous with the comedy show and went to get familiar with the name ‘Patas’ Faima. On her arrival at the show, the initial reactions towards her were quite disparaged but over the weeks she gained a good image with her performance and witty punches. Needless to say, she was very active in the physical tasks too and has been a good entertainer during the 5th & the 6th week of the show.

But, she could not meet the expectations of the audiences and was evicted last week. With Faima’s elimination, Out of 21 contestants, seven are left in the house now. They are Revanth, Srihan, Sri Satya, Adi Reddy, Inaya Sulthana and Rohit.

On Monday, there was a task where the housemates are asked to declare their positions. Just like the public polling and the opinion, Revanth has secured the first place in the house. Shrihan and Adi Reddy settled to the second and third places. Surprisingly, both Shrihan and Adi Reddy are playing well and one of them will definitely end up in the second place.

Keerthi Bhat who does not deserve to be in the house continued thus far. Sri Satya is just having a survival only because of Revanth and Shrihan. Rohith Saini deserve to be in the top five but his chances are less. But, the one contestant who can give a tough fight is Inaya Sulthana who is in the fourth place, according to the opinion of the house.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 will be held on December 18.