Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-6-No-Entertainment-Only-FightsBigg Boss is a reality show that explores various human emotions. Mostly, we get entertainment and controversial fights as content in every season of Bigg Boss.

Currently, we are in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu. Surprisingly, this season is becoming more about individual fights and fights in physical tasks. Every season, we see a few entertaining tasks and a few physical tasks. But this season, we are witnessing physical tasks most of the time.

All contestants are getting highly aggressive in these physical tasks. Especially, Revanth shows the same aggressiveness in every task and is irritating the audience with his attitude. And rules of most of the tasks this season are very confusing to the audience.

Instead of playing the tasks, the housemates are irritating the viewers with their fights. Even after so many fights in the house, we wonder why the makers are still giving physical tasks. Comparatively, this season’s ratings are less than the ratings of the previous season.

Still, the makers aren’t changing their approach and are sticking to the same formula every week.

Thus, Bigg Boss 6 became more of fights than entertainment. If the same continues, the grand finale will never attract the attention of the viewers of the public.