Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6: Faima EvictedBigg Boss Telugu TV show is currently in its sixth season. There are currently eight contestants in the house. We have completed 12 weeks already. Usually, by this time, only six contestants will remain in the house, but we have seven after the latest eviction of Faima. Faima’s eviction will be aired in today’s episode.

The sixth season began with low expectations and failed to reach the craze of the earlier seasons. Meanwhile, Faima got fewer votes among all the others who were in the nominations. Her sarcasm is the major reason for her exit from the house currently.

Faima did create an impact in the house, but her behavior has been problematic with other inmates. She was supposed to get eliminated a few weeks ago, but somehow, she got lucky enough to gain survival in the house.

After the exit of Faima, there are currently seven members in the house. The are Revanth, Srihan, Sri Satya, Adi Reddy, Inaya Sulthana and Rohit. The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 will be held on December 18.

A prize money of 50 Lakh Rupees is announced to the winner of the sixth season of Bigg Boss.