Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-6-Episode-9It’s day 8 in the Bigg Boss house.

Unlike the first week, Bigg Boss has given a twist to the housemates by announcing the nominations on Monday itself.

Break The Pot

Bigg Boss placed several pots in the garden area by sticking the photos of the housemates. The inmates are asked to pick one housemate who they want to nominate and break the pot with their picture.

Every housemate was asked to nominate only one person.

Geethu received six nominations, while Revanth received five nominations.

Strong Nomination & Silly Nomination

Adi Reddy made sense by nominating Marina-Rohit. Adi Reddy said that the couple has multiple advantages. “They have two brains and can make decisions fastly, compared to us. They think together, and most importantly, they won’t feel like missing their closed ones,” said Adi Reddy.

However, Marina-Rohith nominated Adi Reddy back, saying that it’s silly to think like that as it was Bigg Boss’ choice to send the duo as a couple.

Arohi’s nomination looked silly. She nominated Adi Reddy saying that she has no rapport with him.

Nominations with a Twist

Although everyone nominated only one person, captain Baladithya was asked to nominate two persons.

Nominated Contestants for Week 2

Rajasekhar, Shani, Abhinaya Sri, Rohit-Marina, Faima, Adi Reddy, Revanth