Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E5: Revanth & a ControversyIt’s Day 4 in the Bigg Boss house.

Body Shaming in Bigg Boss house
Right after the nominations phase, Marina spoke about the body shaming issue. She mentioned that she overheard Arohi commenting about her physique. However, Arohi denied the same. Marina mentioned that she would apologize if Arohi never commented on that.

More Captaincy Contenders
Geethu Royal, Adi Reddy, and Neha Chaudhary are captaincy contenders already. Bigg Boss asked the rest of the housemates to pick three more contenders.

Collectively, they chose Baladitya, RJ Surya, and Marina-Rohit as the captaincy contenders.

Wife & Husband Prank
Marina Abraham played a prank by faking a dispute with her husband that he was not spending time with her. The wife-husband drama seems to be picking up, and the couple is sure to watch out for.

All Eyes on Revanth
Revanth, the famous singer and the Indian Idol winner, is the center of attraction of the episode. Revanth picked up a fight with Arohi during the quiz competition.

When Revanth wanted to participate in the quiz competition, Arohi too showed interest. Revanth allowed her to step forward but spoke in a demotivating manner. Arohi was hurt by it and began sulking.

Eventually, Arohi’s team lost the game, and Revanth, instead of consoling her, commented that she should have played confidently. It did not go well with Arohi.

Later, when Revanth was explaining the issue to RJ Surya, Arohi mistook that Revanth called her a defect person. In reality, Revanth never said that, and Surya also confirmed the same. It triggered Revanth, and he began yelling at her and also shared his reaction with other inmates.

After RJ Surya counseled Arohi that she over-reacted a bit, she apologized to Revanth. But that, too, went wrong as Arohi started pointing out flaws in Revanth.

Revanth continued passing comments on the issue and Arohi. As this is happening, Adi Reddy tried to calm down Revanth. However, Revanth was pissed off by the same and increased his voice over Adi Reddy.

Revanth’s POV
Revanth thinks that everyone in the house is self-made and has achieved something or the other. No one can show a finger to him and talk with him. At the same time, he is not okay with people calling him out or pointing him out without any mistakes from his end.

Controversy in Cooking?
During the chat between Revanth and Adi Reddy, Revanth passed a comment that, in a way, might hurt the contestants who shot to fame on social media. Before the argument turned ugly, the other housemates intervened and tried settling the issue.

Maybe, Nagarjuna will talk about this before other housemates feel bad about the same. There are a lot of housemates this season who made careers out of social media.