Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E27: Blockbuster CaptainIt’s day 26 in the Bigg Boss house.

Punch Padudhi
The first level of the Punch Padudhi task continued in the house. The following is the result.

Inaya disqualified Shrihan
Shrihan disqualified Rohith
Arjun Kalyan disqualified Arohi

Inaya mentioned that she wanted a female captain in the house, to which Shrihan agreed, and he also disqualified Rohith, making it easy for the ladies.

Blockbuster Captain
The second level of the captaincy task is Blockbuster captain. In the second level, Sri Satya, Sudeepa, and Keerthi Bhat contested over each other. The three housemates are asked to hook letters C A P T A I N to a frame arranged in the garden area. However, they only have to perform the task by walking on the blocks.

Keerthi won the task of becoming the fourth captain of the Bigg Boss house.

Worst Performer
The housemates picked Arjun Kalyan as the worst performer. He was the worst performer in the last week as well. Unfortunately, Chalaki Chanti got one vote less, and because of the same, Arjun had to go to jail.

Most likely, Arjun Kalyan might get evicted from the house. We have to wait and watch for the same.