Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E26: Chanti vs GeethuIt’s day 25 in the Bigg Boss house.

The two important events that took place in the episode are Revanth’s wife’s Babyshower and the first level of the captaincy task.

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Geethu cries
Geethu is projecting herself as a strong contestant and a hard-core cut-throat person. However, she got emotional and cried that Baladithya did not help her in the game. She was upset and deeply hurt by Baladithya.

Revanth’s wife’s Babyshower
Revanth’s wife is pregnant, and his family members conducted a Babyshower event for Anvitha (Revanth’s wife) last week. Bigg Boss showcased the function’s glimpses, making Revanth extremely emotional. Later, everyone extended their best wishes to Revanth and his wife.

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Punch Padudhi
Punch Padudhi is the first level of the captaincy task in the fourth week. There are multiple captaincy contenders. However, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to punch on the poster of a person who they don’t want to be in the captaincy race.

Revanth disqualified Rajasekhar
RJ Surya disqualified Vasanthi
Adi Reddy disqualified Arjun Kalyan
Baladithya disqualified Faima
Chanti disqualified Geethu

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Chanti vs. Geethu
Chanti disqualified Geethu, saying that she couldn’t command or request the housemates as a captain and she would be unfit. But, Geethu passed a comment that it feels comical for her to see someone who does not play the game is disqualifying someone who played the game. Chanti was offended by the comment. He picked up an argument with Geethu and she walked out of the argument.