Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E25: Failed Secret TaskIt’s day 24 in the Bigg Boss house. The Hotel task continued but it did not generate any entertainment to the audiences.

Level 1 Result
In the level one of the Hotel task, the BB Hotel members tasted a defeat in the hands of the BB Glam Paradise members. By the end of level one, BB Hotel members have only 4300 rupees collectively. But, the BB Glam Paradise members had 5400 rupees. As a result, BB Glam Paradise people won the task and acquired the BB hotel as well.

Firing the staff
After acquiring the BB Hotel, the BB Glam Paradise members are asked to fire the BB staff members which means they have to be thrown out of the captaincy race. The Glam Paradise members picked both Revanth & Baladithya. Both were out of the game. Sudeepa, Marina, and Geethu were appointed as the staff members.

Secret Task
Chanti was assigned a secret task and he has to make sure that the guests from the BB Hotel should go to BB Glam Paradise hotel. However, he failed to perform the secret task, paving a way for him, to be out of the contention.

Level 2 Result
In the level 2, Surya, Inaya, Adi Reddy, and Marina earned zero rupees. Arjun had 100 rupees with him, while Shrihan had 3400 rupees. Rajasekhar earned 6500 rupees while Rohith earned 6100 rupees. Geethu had 4500 rupees and Sudeepa was left with 3600 rupees.

Bigg Boss did not announce the result but had confirmed that he would confirm the captaincy contenders when the right time comes.