Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E24: First Secret TaskIt’s Day 23 in the Bigg Boss house.

The very famous yet boring ‘hotel’ task is back in the Bigg Boss house.

Task Name: Hotel vs. Hotel
The house is divided into two hotels. One of them is named BB Hotel, and the other one is named BB Glam Paradise.

BB Hotel Staff
Manager: Sudeepa
Waiter: Geethu Revanth
Helper Chanti
Chef: Baladitya
Asst Chef: Marina

Glam Paradise is maintained by Keerthi, Vasanthi, Arohi, Sri Satya, and Arohi. Faima is the manager.

Rohith is searching for his wife
Shrihan is an actor who is a constant attention seeker
RJ Surya, who acts as someone with memory loss
Adi Reddy as Hotel Reviewer & Food Blogger
Rajasekhar & Arjun Kalyan are searching for the venue for a bachelor party
Inaya – Single and pampered kid

Secret Task:
Chanti gets the first secret task of the season. The task is to send all the guests away from BB Hotel to Glam Paradise hotel. If he wins the secret task, he will enter the captaincy task.

Task Progress:
Everyone is working on earning money, and the first day of the task is boring. We have to see if there is any twist in the task on the second day.