Bigg-Boss-Telugu-Season-6--Episode-22-Nagarjuna-AkkineniSunday is Funday in the Bigg Boss house.

Nagarjuna played three games with the housemates in the episode.

First, Nag asked the housemates to give tags to the housemates.

Noti Dhoola – Adi Reddy gives to Geethu
Brainless – Rohith Saini gives to Rajasekhar
Pani Donga – Rajasekhar gives to Revanth
Over Dramatic – Revanth gives to Neha
Most Annoying – Neha gives to Geethu
Loser – Geethu gives to Revanth
Attention Seeker – Sri Satya gives to Baladithya
Guddi Yeddu – Baladithya gives to Keerthi
Fighter Cock – Keerthi gives to Revanth
Arrogant – Vasanthi gives to Inaya
Dominating – Inaya gives to Arohi
Heartless – Arohi gives to Sri Satya
Useless – Shrihan gives to Inaya
Tindibothu – Sudeepa gives to Revanth
Bitter Person – Chanti gives to Inaya
Boring – RJ Surya gives to Geethu
Fake – Faima gives to Arohi
Aimless – Arjun gives to Rothith-Marina

And then, Nagarjuna asked the housemates to give ‘animal’ tags to the housemates.

Animal Tags:
Oosaravelli – Geethu gives to Neha
Oosaravelli – Nega gives to Geethu
Gadidha – Chanti gives to Revanth
Pamu – Revanth gives to Arohi
Simham – RJ Surya gives to Geethu
Simham – Faima gives to Chanti
Yenugu – Baladithya gives to Adi Reddy
Gadidha – Arohi gives to Keerthi
Oosaravelli – Keerthi gives to Inaya
Yenugu – Sudeepa gives to Marina
Gadidha – Sri Satya gives to Keerthi
Pamu – Shrihan gives to Inaya
Simham – Vasanthi gives to Revanth
Oosaravelli – Inaya gives to Shrihan
Yenugu – Rohith-Marina gives to Baladithya
Pamu – Adi Reddy gives to Sri Satya
Gadidha – Rajasekhar gives to Arjun Kalyan
Gadidha – Arjun gives to Sudeepa

Finally, the housemates played Dumb Charades. The housemates are divided into two teams.

Final Eviction
The final eviction was between Vasanthi Krishna and Neha Choudary. Nag confirmed that Neha is evicted. Neha took the exit door from the house with the anger that her friends alone backstabbed her in the house.

Dhummu & Dhammu
Neha was asked to give ‘Dhummu’ and ‘Dhammu’ tags to the housemates before she left the house.

Dhammu: Chanti, Sudeepa, Baladithya, Rajasekhar, Adi Reddy, Shrihan, Sri Satya

Dhummu: Revanth, Inaya, Arohi, Geethu, Arjun Kalyan and Vasanthi

BB Kanuka
For this week, Nag announced Bigg Boss Kanuka to Baladithya for helping his team win Dumb Charades.