Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E21: Nag’s Big TwistAs usual, King Nagarjuna is back in the Bigg Boss house to confront the housemates on this week’s happenings. Also, Nag gave an interesting twist to the housemates by the end of the episode.

Nag’s confrontation
– Nagarjuna told Baladithya that the housemates are in confusion about his game. Nag played a video where Baladithya was sitting on the sofa when Inaya was in trouble.

– Nag showed the video of the captaincy task to give clarity on Revanth’s decision as a Sanchalak when he disqualified Faima.

– Nag also gave clarity on the issue between Inaya and Shrihan. He also questioned why Geethu came in between their issue.

– Nag appreciated Sri Satya’s performance and spoke about Arjun Kalyan having feelings for Sri Satya.

– Nag also gave clarity to Neha that Inaya did not slap her. Nag also showed a video of the same.

Nagarjuna also gave ratings to some of the housemates.

3 for Baladitya | 5 for Rohit marina | 4 for Keerthi | 4 for Sudeepa | 9 for Sri Satya | 9 for Revanth | 6 for Rajasekhar | 5 for Chanti | 6 for Geethu | 8 for Adi Reddy | 8 for Arohi

Nag’s Twist
For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, host Nagarjuna picked two housemates directly into the fourth week’s nominations.

1. Arjun Kalyan & 2. Keerthi Bhat