Bigg Boss Telugu: S6: E19: Pitta Techina GodavaIt’s day 18 in the Bigg Boss house.

The housemates concluded the game, Adavilo Aata and the captaincy task also kick-started.

Adavilo Aata
Adavilo Aata game was concluded in the house and the thieves lost it.

Geethu saved 51 dolls and had a money of 15,800 rupees with her.

Team thieves had only 17 dolls while team Police had 71 dolls.

As a result, team Police won the captaincy contenders’ task.

Captaincy Contenders
Geethu became the captaincy contender as she was successful as the businesswoman during the task.

Next, Sri Satya had the Golden Coconut because of which she also became a captaincy contender directly.

From team Police, Adi Reddy and Faima stepped forward to become the captaincy contenders.

From team Thieves, they collectively decided to send Shrihan as the captaincy contender.

Pyramid Kattu, Padagottu
Pyramid Kattu, Padagottu was the captaincy task. Bigg Boss announced the task in two levels. In the first level, the captaincy contenders will have to build a pyramid with bricks and other housemates will throw balls at the pyramid but the contenders will have to try their level best to save it.

Level 1
By the end of the first phase of level one, Geethu was out of the game as she failed to build the pyramid. By the end of level one, Faima was also disqualified as she used her hands to protect the pyramid.

Shrihan, Sri Satya and Adi Reddy will fight in the second level.

Pitta Techina Godava
Revanth was the Sanchalak during the Pyramid task. Revanth found out that Faima was using her hands to protect the pyramid but Inaya who saw Shrihan also doing the same stepped forward to complain the same. Shrihan who was passing commented, “Arey Revanth, Nee decision nuvvu teesko kani ye pitta cheppina vinaku,” and when Inaya heard that, she picked a fight with Shrihan. But, Geethu came as a support to Shrihan, mentioning that he was referring to her. But, Inaya continued yelling at Shrihan.